Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Anna Paquin says shez always bisexual

Actress Anna Paquin admits she will always be bisexual.

32-year-old actress with husband Stephen Moyer 22-month-old twins Charlie and Poppy's, a leading daily reported.

Now` `Larry King Speaking at a recent episode, he" Well, I mean, I'm married to my husband, and we are happily married monogamously. "Said

Larry asked again, "But you were bisexual?"

I speak in the past tense डॉन` bit Paquin `t. If you `re still are with someone directly? Doesn` t `do you mean, you were breaking up with them or you were dead," replied. The existing curb their sexuality doesn `t. It really work that way doesn` t."

Meanwhile, as vampire Bill Compton in play in front of her husband who plays Sookie Stackhouse Blood` `true star, pregnant while shooting schedule admitted he relied heavily on the creative costumes.

"We had a lot of episodes of the last few creative costumes up until fairly carefully and tried it. CGI-ed out and then they just bump," she said.


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